Fiscal Year 2016 at a Glance

Last year was an exciting time for READ! We enhanced our traditional programming by launching READ 2.0 to help us address sustainable reading skills, and our students continued to make momentous achievements in their reading skills.

In fiscal year 2016, READ served more than 1,400 students from across all five boroughs of New York City. Of the 1,428 students we served:

  • 1,165 students completed our program (i.e. attended 30 or more sessions)

  • The students who completed our program gained an average of over one grade level’s growth in reading

  • In addition, we provided more than 1,000 teen tutors with meaningful work experience

This fiscal year, we look forward to serving more than 1,300 students and training more than 1,000 teens to work in their important role as teen tutors. We will implement our reading programs at least 35 sites, including 15 READ 2.0 sites this year.

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