Help Support READ Tutors This Holiday Season

Do you remember the first person who believed in you? Maybe it was a parent, a grandparent or a teacher. We all remember our earliest supporters, the people who inspired us to reach our full potential. For READ students like Sebastian, READ tutors are some of their biggest supporters and earliest cheerleaders.

Sebastian was a first grader at PS 5X in the Bronx when he entered READ at a kindergarten reading level. He not only had difficulty reading, he was disruptive in class and found it difficult to stay seated during the school day. After only a few sessions with a dedicated READ tutor, the change in Sebastian was dramatic. He found his focus, stopped disrupting class and, for the first time in his life, he was reading and enjoying it.

Thanks to his READ teen tutor, Sebastian made substantial gains in his reading ability. Soon he was reading above grade level for the first grade. That one-to-one connection between Sebastian and his READ tutor made all the difference – a difference that will have a lasting impact for the rest of Sebastian’s life.

But Sebastian is not alone. For so many students, READ’s afterschool program is the only place where they are able to get the one-to-one attention that will set them on the right course as proficient, dedicated, and enthusiastic readers. We need your support in order to ensure that READ’s tutors can continue to reach Sebastian and others like him.

It’s not too late to make a meaningful contribution in support of our teen tutors.

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