How We Help Children

We work with schools to help struggling early elementary students learn how to read and help them build the skill and confidence they need to continue reading at home and in school by providing:

  • 37.5 hours of one-to-one reading support from a trained tutor, at no cost to families
  • Homework help during the school year
  • Group literacy activities, craft projects, science activities and writing practice during the summer
  • Pre-testing to ensure that each child is working on his or her individual reading level, progressing at his or her own pace
  • Literacy games and activities
  • Celebrations of success
  • Rewards, books and progress reports to bring home and share success with family and friends
  • Free gifts of books on each child's individual reading level so they can practice and show off their new skills at home
  • English-language practice and support for new English speakers
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