Sponsorship Opportunities

You or your employer can support our mission by sponsoring a Read Alliance school or one of the many Read Alliance initiatives. Our sponsors not only support the students and teens we serve, but they also can provide their company's employees with valuable community service opportunities and gain public exposure by partnering with Read Alliance.

There are many different ways to become a sponsor and show support of Read's mission. You can:

  • Adopt a Read Alliance school and support one-to-one tutoring sessions throughout the fall, winter and spring, while also providing your company's employees with opportunities to visit the school and work one-to-one with students  throughout the school year;
  • Sponsor our Summer Literacy Room, providing students with an hour and a half of small group reading sessions and corresponding art activities each day, designed to help students write, speak and express themselves with confidence.

To learn more about our Sponsorship Program, please contact Megan McMullen at mmcmullen@readalliance.org or call 646-867-6105.

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