Our work with children and teens has created significant improvements in their academic careers.



Reading is the gateway to all academic success. Through our program, young students who were not able to read average more than a full year's growth, and will maintain these strong results through at least third grade. Direct benefits of our program start with the child, who becomes able to participate in the classroom and interact with his or her teacher. Once our students are ready to move beyond basic reading skills, their entire class is able to advance to more complex and relevant material together. Read more 

More than 13,000 children have significantly improved their reading skills.

Student Reading Gains for Fiscal Year 2016

*READ refers to sites as the phsyical location where our programs take place and cohorts are defined as the unique sets of students we serve.


In providing jobs to teens we combat unemployment and instill important life skills that our teens will use for the rest of their lives. Many teens report measurable improvements in positive attitudes towards school and motivation to succeed, both indicators of future success.  Read more


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